Monday, June 10, 2013

Here we go! Our 5th trip to France - my second solo trip with the kids. They are so excited. Lil has had her Trunki (carry-on) packed for weeks. Right now they are fighting over who gets to put which DVD in their carry-case. This trip they each have a DVD player so they don't have to share and agree which movie they will watch. Sev has had a hard time deciding which stuffy to bring with him. He is going to carry Big Bear and he made room in his Trunki for a small pillow-pet. Lil is carrying a small pillow-pet and made room for Beary in her Trunki. This is Beary's 5th trip to France also. :)

We leave for the airport at 2:45 this afternoon and I think the kids are going to drive me crazy. They are excited but super irritable and whiny. They are counting down the hours and they are going too slow for them.

They have declared they will miss Papa and the cat the most while they are away.

So anyway, I will post pictures to FB but I thought it might be nice to keep a blog to write down funny stories and interesting happenings from our trip. This way you can check in periodically to see what's happening.

A bientot!

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