Monday, June 17, 2013

Bonjour tout le monde!

So we've been in Felletin for 5 days with just Claude and Genevieve. It's been a relaxing way to start our vacation. We go to bed around 11pm and wake up around 10am. There is not much to do so the kids play in the yard or in the playroom on the top floor of the upper house. We are staying in the lower house by ourselves. Liliane has her own room for now and Severin sleeps with me. Claude and Genevieve are staying in the upper house but will move down here when the rest of the family descends upon us.

Tomorrow we are going to Cannes until the first part of July. I won't have internet so you probably won't hear from me unless I find somewhere with free wifi. We are looking forward to going to the beach and relaxing some more!

We will be back in Felletin by the 3rd of July at the latest. The french cousins are coming down on the 6th of July and the South Americans arrive in Paris on the 6th and will stay a few days up there before coming down. The kids will finally get to meet their other cousins. So all 12 cousins will be here and we will have two very full houses.

Liliane has had bad hayfever and of course I didn't bring any allergy medicine. I bought some here but it's not working very well. It has made here a little cranky the last couple of days.

I am staying true to my diet here. I had a tiny bit of cheese and a tiny bit of wine yesterday but otherwise I'm doing well. I think I will buy some dark chocolate in Cannes.

Well I'll get back to you in a couple weeks.

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