Friday, June 14, 2013

We made it to France! It was a long day of traveling. It was much easier to go through Iceland though the flights were shorter so the kids didn't sleep very long. They didn't like the food on the airplane either. Our flight to Paris from Iceland was delayed an hour and a half because of the strike but that was not too bad.

Papi picked us up at the airport and we drove straight to Felletin. We slept in the car most of the way only stopping at McDonald's at Chateauroux. The kids were happy to eat some familiar foods. Liliane even went to the counter by herself to ask for ketchup in French! She would never have done that even a year ago! Can you believe it?

She has been very good about speaking in French and answering Mami and Papi in French. They went straight away to the top floor where the toys are to play. They have adapted to french life very quickly. I have as well. It's like I haven't been away for very long at all and my french is still very good. I thought I would have a rough time trying to speak french. Everyone is amazed at how small I am now and Claude and Genvieve are cool about letting me cook what I want to cook.

The kids are eating pretty well but Severin is sick of "steak hache" (hamburger patty). He bought two dry salamis (saucisse sec) at the Friday Market today. I bought some lovely strawberries, some blueberries, an avocado, a zucchini and some spinach. That should last me a couple days. :)

The grandparents are so happy to see the kids!
That's it for now.
A bientot!


  1. So did Severin eat and enjoy the saucisse sec? Sounds yummy to me!

  2. He ate them a little bit and we shared them with Alain and Charlotte who came over although he didn't really want to share.