Sunday, July 14, 2013

Today is Bastille Day - Le 14 Juillet.

There were fireworks in Aubusson last night at 11pm but we decided it was too late at night to take the kids. Apparently Papi bought some fireworks if I understood correctly and we will light them off this evening. The plan is to go to the beach at the lake this afternoon.

Yesterday Papi decided to take the boys to the new pool. I asked Severin if he wanted to go and he asked his cousin Simon in french if he wanted to go the pool! He asked if Liliane was going and I said no, just the boys. So he put his little swim suit on and said, "Bye, mom" and went right with Papi without a second glance. Unfortunately there are strict rules and Severin was the only one with the small french style swimsuit (I bought it Cannes) so they couldn't stay. But they will go back.

Severin also asked Papi if he could be excused from the table after lunch in french and both Genevieve and Claude were so proud of him for his french and his politeness!

It is so fun to listen to the kids speak french to their cousins. Severin knows more than he lets on. He whines and complains still when I speak to him in french saying he doesn't understand but I know he does. Liliane was talking to her cousin Eva - they were riding bikes down the hill but Eva had to go to the bathroom so she asked if Liliane would wait for her. Liliane said, "I'm just going to go down one time and I'll come back for you." In french. So cool!

Well, that's all for now.

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